A love letter to classic horror films and the people we love who made them happen.

Issue No.12: Bridal Issue



Happy One Year Anniversary to the zine! This issue is a wonderful, jam-packed "Bridal Issue" featuring pieces by Brandie Jibby (Son of Dracula), Katie Green (Bride of the Gorilla), Hannah Hormell (Bride of Frankenstein), Skylar Ruddell (Brides of Dracula), Clare Wright (Bride of Frankenstein), and Soren (A current-day portrayer of the Bride of Frankenstein). Ashley Hayashi beautifully rendered the Bride of Frankenstein for this issue's cover and the interior contains works by Diana Robertson and Lacie Barker.


View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.12

Issue No.11: Basil Rathbone



Issue No.11 of the zine focuses on Basil Rathbone and features a cover by previous interior guest artist for the Bela Lugosi issue, Noufaux. This issue also features a new guest writer, Aria Olson, who discusses Rathbone in The Black Sleep. Staff writers Gabz Norte and Diana Robertson cover Tales of Terror and Tower of London (which is accompanied by an illustration by Robertson).

Our new column "What We're Watching on VHS" also debuts with this issue.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.11

Issue No.10: Claude Rains



Issue No.10 of the zine is an ode to a favorite of many on the Ghastly Phantasms zine, Claude Rains. Jordan Barnachie, Ashley Hayashi, and Josh Harmon write about Rains in The ClairvoyantPhantom of the Opera, and The Invisible Man! Both cover and interior pieces focus on his portrayal of the Phantom with the cover by Ashley Hayashi (along with an interior piece) and interior by Diana Robertson.

This issue also features information on the zine's new online shop!

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Issue No.9: Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi Issue Cover (2024)

Fans of Bela Lugosi, prepare yourselves! This very special issue of the zine features articles by Alex Judkins, Ashley Hayashi, and Josh Harmon. PLUS interviews conducted by Diana Robertson with Lynne Lugosi Sparks (granddaughter of Bela Lugosi) and not just one but three actors who currently portray Dracula. Our guest artist for this issue is none other than multi-Rondo Award winner, Adele Noufaux. Diana Robertson contributed the cover and Ashley Hayashi contributed multiple interior pieces for this issue.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.9 

Issue No.8: Boris Karloff (Holiday Special)



Happy holidays from the Ghastly Phantasms team! The 8th issue of the zine (our holiday special) is all about Boris Karloff.  With this being a special issue, our writers and artists dove a bit deeper than the average issue with heartfelt, more personal pieces that show our deep appreciations for Boris. Writers for this issue include: Jade Fielden, Hannah Hormell, Diana Robertson, Ashley Hayashi, and Josh Harmon. Interior artists include Diana Robertson and Ashley Hayashi, who also did the wonderful holiday cover.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.8

Issue No.7: Christopher Lee




Issue 7 of GHASTLY PHANTASMS is a very special one! All about Christopher Lee, this issue features articles by Alex Judkins, Gabrielle Norte, and Susan Thomas AND the zine's first ever interview. Diana Robertson had the pleasure of interviewing award-winning artist Mark Maddox! The cover for this issue is by Diana Robertson and our interview with Mark Maddox features multiple works by the artist himself!

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.7

Issue No.6: Henry Daniell




Issue 6 of GHASTLY PHANTASMS takes a look at one of Ashley Hayashi and Diana Robertson's all-time favorite character actors, Henry Daniell. Writers for this issue include Hannah Hormell, Ashley Hayashi, and Diana Robertson. Hayashi is also this issue's cover artist and Robertson is the interior artist.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.6

Issue No.5: Psycho




The fifth issue of GHASTLY PHANTASMS is all about the sequels to the original PSYCHO film. Writers for this issue are Diana Robertson, Jordan Barnachie, and Josh Harmon. Diana Robertson is also the cover artist for this issue.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.5

Issue No.4: Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte




The fourth issue of GHASTLY PHANTASMS focuses on the film HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE, a change of pace from focusing on specific actors. The all star cast, themes, and setting of the film are discussed in articles written by Alex Judkins, Hannah Hormell, and Ashley Hayashi. This issue's cover artist is Ashley Hayashi and the interior artist is Diana Robertson.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.4

Issue No.3: Peter Cushing




The third issue of GHASTLY PHANTASMS focuses on the great actor, Peter Cushing. Writers for this issue include Diana Robertson (House of the Long Shadows), Ashley Hayashi (Flesh and the Fiends), and Hannah Hormell (The Mummy). Diana Robertson is this issue's cover artist.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.3

Issue No.2: Vincent Price



The focus of the second issue of GHASTLY PHANTASMS is the king of horror, Vincent Price. New to the zine writers, Gabrielle Norte, Hannah Hormell, Jordan Barnachie, and Jade Fielden discuss THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, THE BAT, THEATRE OF BLOOD, and two Vincent Price recipes. Ashley Hayashi is this issue's cover artist with Diana Robertson as interior artist.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.2




The first ever issue of GHASTLY PHANTASMS focuses on the iconic Ingrid Pitt. With articles written by Alex Judkins, Ashley Hayashi, and Diana Robertson, the issue talks about COUNTESS DRACULA, THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, and the audiobook of her autobiography, LIFE'S A SCREAM. It also features cover artwork by Diana Robertson and interior artwork by Ashley Hayashi.

View/Download: Ghastly Phantasms No.1






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