The Amygdala of Misha is a short creature puppet film of the life of a creature, named Misha, who has spent their entire life living trapped inside a little room under the watch of The Eyes. Under the constant watch of The Eyes, Misha lives within an environment of fear and hypervigilance. They live this way until they are interrupted in their work one day when a creature in the old vent above their station drops fragments of an image that changes the world as Misha knows it.
Misha’s life within The Room and the entrapment enforced by The Eyes initially were to represent the environment of a mind with PTSD. However, not everyone has experienced this mental environment. With the film's intentional ambiguity, there is a possibility of understanding in a wider range of viewers, who will hopefully in turn relate to those who connect with meanings different than their own.
The film itself will be accessible to all digitally from wherever they are, while the model of The Room will be installed in the FSU MoFA as a pull for those seeing it in person with a QR code to the film itself.


Model of The Room from The Amygdala of Misha (2020) in the Split/Level thesis exhibition at the FSU MoFA .