Paranoimia (2020)

Created for the Late Night Puppet Slam at Dragon Con, Paranoimia is a short puppetry film that uses The Art of Noise's song of the same title and was premiered with Dragon Con Goes Virtual 2020. Using Czech black puppetry methods, what is seen in the finished piece is Misha, who cannot fall asleep, and is helped to sleep by two creatures who seem antagonistic but want to help. The first approaches the situation rather chaotically, but the second helper comes in at the end and calmly helps Misha fall asleep.

The piece was originally meant to be performed live at the convention's annual puppet slam, but was quickly adapted to a filmed format for the virtual convention.

Vigi's One Hope (2020)

Created for the LA Guild of Puppetry's 48hr Puppet Film Project 2020, Vigi's One Hope is a short puppetry film that utilizes the project's theme (hope), object (cardboard), and action (jump) to tell the story of a lonely creature named Vigi and his hope for making a friend.

Made in just the 48 hour time limit of the project, this is Diana Robertson's first official short film.

Video art works and more can be found on Diana's Youtube channel.