Diana Robertson


Diana Robertson is a multidisciplinary artist focused on discussing mental health through creature puppets inspired by films, history, and more primarily from the 1890s-1940s.
She has received awards and grants from the FSU CFA, FSU MoFA, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge LIVE!, Center for Puppetry Arts, and Xperimental Puppetry Theater.

Artist Statement:
"Through the combining of creature puppets, film, makeup, and designed environments, I create stylistically distinct atmospheres that elevate the suspension of disbelief that comes with the use of puppets. It is with the lives of these creature puppets that I discuss themes of mental health.

While the creature puppets are infused with modern materials (i.e. servo motors and 3D printed elements), they are constructed as hybridizations with traditional forms of puppets. The influences of the creatures and their environments are similar in their being a blend of historical references and contemporary experiences. These references come primarily from early 20th century films, writings, and music from Germany, Russia, Czechoslovakia, America, and Japan, with German Expressionism and Soviet Montage being the most influential. These are combined with personal experiences I have had working in the realm of puppetry, with wildlife, and with others like myself whose lives are heavily dictated by mental health."